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In-browser Cryptocurrency Mining: The Future of Online Advertising?

2017 has been the year for cryptocurrencies. The value of bitcoin has risen from around $900 in January to over $7400 today. One of the unique aspects of cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, is how they are created. The process is known as mining, where computers solve mathematical problems to verify transactions before they are added […]

Wall Street Exec Sued for Role in Fraudulent Cryptocurrency Mining Scheme

Four investors in GAW Miners have sued Stuart A. Fraser for his role at the defunct crypto business, following a guilty plea of wire fraud by his longtime partner, Josh Garza. In a complaint first filed in the U.S. District Court for Connecticut last year, the plaintiffs accused Fraser, GAW Miners, and ZenMiner of violating federal and […]

The Wild West of drive-by cryptocurrency mining

As more and more Coinhive clones continue popping up, chances of users’ CPU power being hijacked for cryptocurrency mining are rising. According to Malwarebytes’ latest figures, their AV solution blocked an average of 8 million cryptojacking attempts per day from late September to late October. And that’s just the attempts tied to Coinhive domains and […]

How to mine Ethereum with Genesis Mining

Ethereum is the first ‘world computer’, existing as an open source computing platform capable of executing scripts and ‘smart contracts’ using its own Blockchain. Ethereum is powered by the cryptocurrency Ether… the more you have, the more computing power you control. Ether (cryptocurrency code ETH) is listed on most Bitcoin Exchanges, so you can buy […]

Mixed Mining Arts? UFC Website Removes CoinHive Cryptocurrency Code

A subscription streaming site owned by mixed martial-arts powerhouse Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is at the center of the latest controversy around clandestine, browser-based cryptocurrency mining. Multiple users on social media reported yesterday that code developed by CoinHive – a monero mining script that can be embedded in a web page – was found in the code […]

UFC Accused of Secretly Mining Cryptocurrency on Viewers’ Devices

Fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are complaining on social media that the company is secretly mining cryptocurrency using their systems. Multiple users of the video streaming service UFC Fight Pass report that the video streaming service is running a mining script in the background without their consent. Screenshot of the mining script (Credit: […]

Cryptocurrency news: Russians use mining devices to warm their homes during winter

Bitcoin is one of the most in-demand cryptocurrencies today.Reuters/Reuters staff Cryptocurrency mining may be slowing down or becoming less useful, but Russians have found another utility for the virtual mining activity. Residents in Irkutsk in the Siberian region of Russia are now using their cryptocurrency mining devices to warm up their homes for the winter. […]

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware Targets Australians via SMS

Security Australians have increasingly become the target of an SMS-based bitcoin mining scam. The scam entices users with fictional free bitcoins that supposedly can be located at two shortened URLs; however, if visited, the USR will hijack that user’s computing power for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency on behalf of the scammers. […]

Trading, Mining, Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet, P2P Exchange: A Single Platform for Cryptocurrency is Launched

Investment in crypto-trading, leasing of equipment for mining, integrated P2P-exchange, adaptive multi-cryptocurrency wallet, career for representatives, round-the-clock multi-language support – right from the start Octoin company offers a variety of tools for earning money, promising career growth for its employees and partners, and announces the creation of a new cryptocurrency. The multifunctional platform of Octoin […]

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