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trade.io Partners With Modular, Inc, to use new Blosym framework, Decreasing ICO Process by 85% on Ethereum Network – The Merkle

20 December 2017, Zug, Switzerland, trade.io has teamed up with blockchain innovators, Modular Inc. (formerly Majoolr) to employ Modular’s new Blosym system.  Blosym is an all-in-one platform for distributed applications.  Blosym will simplify the use of Ethereum applications by offering an easy point-and-click interface for smart contract deployments and point-and-click token crowdfunding participation.  Current research and […]

Vitalik Buterin: Network Speed under Test Conditions is Misleading

Transactions are piling up on the Ethereum network, and some projects are boasting much higher transaction speeds. But according to Ethereum’s creator, those speed tests under ideal conditions are misleading.  Even if a node can process hundreds or thousands of tx/sec in a closed simulation, that does not imply that it can support a […]

Ethereum Network Processes Over 1 Million Transactions Worth Almost 10% of the Market cap

Scalability is the talk of the town in the cryptocurrency world. Every network and blockchain are scrutinized based on their performance. Although the Ethereum network isn’t perfect, an interesting milestone has been reached. The network successfully processed 1 million transactions over the past 24 hours. With an average of 43,963 transactions per hour, things are […]

What Is Ethereum? A Guide To The Unusual Cryptocurrency Network

What Is Ethereum? A Guide To The Unusual Cryptocurrency Network Getty Image Bitcoin, according to none other than Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street, is the biggest scam ever. And it’s easy to see why Belfort believes that, because one of the fundamental problems with Bitcoin is that it’s only worth what the […]

UBS and Six Other Banks to Use the Ethereum Network for Data Reconciliation

According to a CoinDesk report, a plan by UBS and some of the world’s other large banks to use the Ethereum network as a method of complying with a new set of regulatory standards has been revealed. UBS is also known for heading the development of the Utility Settlement Coin, a cryptocurrency designed to transfer […]

Hacken.io secures Jibrel Network which has financial assets on ethereum blockchain

Hacken.io, a tokenized bug bounty marketplace driven by white hats, helped Jibrel Network neutralize phishing attacks that occurred during the first week of its public sale of the Jibrel Network Token (JNT), which began on November 17th. Jibrel Network is the first decentralized protocol for storing and transacting traditional financial assets on the ethereum blockchain. […]

CryptoKitties or CryptoCatastrophe? Viral Kitties Cause Massive Delays on Ethereum Network.

In response to criticisms that Ethereum clearly lacks the scale to handle such demand, Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin emphasized the quality of the global developer team working on the network’s open-source software. “With the largest developer community of any blockchain platform by far, the Ethereum blockchain is in an excellent position, especially at this early […]

Ethereum Network Copes With Surge of Activity as Virtual Kitten Game Goes Viral – CIO Journal.

BOSTON – The blockchain-based Ethereum network continued to be overrun Thursday by a surge in trading virtual kittens. The network experienced a slowdown in the processing of total transactions this week because of the popular game CryptoKitties, in which people can collect and breed cartoon cats using the digital currency ether. Since the game debuted […]

Micro Raiden: Free Transactions on Ethereum Network Now Live

Micro Raiden, the Ethereum based, off-chain micropayments component of Raiden has just gone live. The aim of the project at the moment is to offer fast unidirectional payments. As it stands, it costs zero gas to transfer fees in this network. The people behind Micro Raiden describe it as an off the shelf payment channel […]

Ethereum Loses to CryptoKitties, Network Remains Slow

CryptoKitties taking up to 20% of transaction volume. Ethereum was once seen as the replacement of Bitcoin- but at these rates of network congestion, users are becoming skeptical. CryptoKitties is burning up to 20% of the ETH gas in two smart contracts, and while in the past ICOs have slowed down transactions, for the first […]

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