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Parity Will Not Pursue Hard Fork to Unfreeze 500,000 Ether – The Merkle

Ever since the recent Parity bug, people have been wondering how their frozen funds will be rescued. It is evident there is no easy solution to this problem, as the earlier proposal of hard forking Ethereum to roll back the incident has been rejected by the community. This will make it a lot more difficult to […]

Parity Appears To Back Away From Hard Fork Solution

December 16, 2017 5:28 AM Following negative reactions from the Ethereum community, Parity has signaled that it may stop pushing for a hard fork to unlock the 500,000 Ether frozen in some of its wallets. The tech firm Parity may give up on advocating for a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain as a remedy […]

‘Clear and Loud’: Parity to Drop First Bid for Frozen Ether Fix

Parity Technologies suggested today it may not continue to pursue changes to the ethereum blockchain’s software as a way to reclaim hundreds of millions in inaccessible customer funds. The development comes days after the company outlined four ethereum protocol changes that would restore access to the $275 million in ether frozen last month due to […]

Parity Technologies Suggests Hard Fork To Release Locked Ether

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Parity Technologies, having suffered a multi-signature wallet bug that froze hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Ether, noted ongoing issues with Ethereum in a recent blog suggesting a course of action to rescue the funds. From its very beginning, users of […]

Parity Calls for Ethereum Hard Fork to Reverse $230 Million Bug

Security Hard forks to reset a cryptocurrency to a previous state can be very contentious, tearing apart communities of supporters into warring factions. Ethereum already underwent such a scenario after the DAO debacle, creating a precedent, and now Parity is asking for a hard fork.  Also Read: A Hacker Gained Access to […]

Parity Proposes Hard Fork to Reclaim Frozen $160 Million

Parity Technologies has just released a proposal for reclaiming its lost funds. In a blog post published soon before press time, the ethereum software company confirmed that a hard fork will be necessary in order to reactivate the $160 million-worth of ether (ETH) that was frozen last month due to a fault in the code. […]

CEO of Parity Thinks Frozen Ethereum Can Be Reclaimed

In 2017, the likes of bitcoin and ethereum have taken the world by storm and entered into mainstream consumption. Bitcoin has caught the attention of people due to its meteoric rise in price over the past 12 months or so, whereas ethereum has garnered attention for the technology on which it is built and the […]

All’s Well That Ends Well? Parity Hopes to Unlock ‘Killed’ Ethereum

Embattled wallet Parity’s co-founders have said the Ethereum ‘missing’ since a codebase delete could return “within the next four to six months.” In an interview with TechCrunch Editor At Large Mike Butcher, Gavin Wood and Jutta Steiner confirmed they hoped scheduled upgrades to the platform would enable the funds to be recovered. Since a Parity […]

$150M in Ethereum May Not Be Lost, Says Parity

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email $150 million is a lot of money – especially when it’s lost. Take the case of the missing Ethereum. As TechCrunch noted on Tuesday (Dec. 5), this year saw Parity Technologies (which makes the wallet known as Parity) seemingly lose as much as $150 million worth of the […]

Parity Hack And Impact On Ethereum Blockchain

In November 7, a vulnerability in the Parity wallet contract was found. Parity wallets that were created after July 29 were frozen and hence inaccessible. According to Parity Technologies, a total of 573 wallets have been affected and the total balance is still unknown. This attack on Parity took place 5 months after another similar […]

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