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Why the Price of Ethereum has Risen Over 5,000 percent During 2017

What’s common between Golem, EOS, Qtum, OmniseGo, Augur, BAT, Iconomi and Gnosis? That they are all cryptocurrencies with market cap of at least $100 million while first three of the list have crossed the $1 billion threshold. That can be said for plenty of other coins, so what makes them different? They are all ERC20 […]

20 Percent of Mobile Cryptocurrency Malware Attacks Are In the US

As the value of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, criminals are finding ways to get some digital money while offloading the expense to unsuspecting victims. The latest tactic: tricking Android users into downloading legitimate-looking apps that are packed with code that “mines” digital currencies for a hacker without their knowledge. “With mining, it’s kind of like […]

We’ve seen an 82 percent jump in bitcoin-related jobs, says employment website CEO

According to Freelancer, employers were also looking for people to create new cryptocurrencies and to write proposal plans for technologies employing blockchain — the data structure pioneered by bitcoin. The related field of cryptography saw the number of job listings rise 59 percent in the third quarter, according to Freelancer. Bitcoin’s popularity has seen ups […]

Bitcoin Hits 51.1 Percent Dominance Over Cryptocurrency Market

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. For the first time since May, the Bitcoin Dominance Index surpassed 51.1 percent, solidifying its position as the cryptocurrency market’s most valuable, secure, and widely utilized blockchain network. #bitcoin dominance over the cryptocurrency market hits 51.1 percent for the first time since […]

Nailed it? Ethereum-Bitcoin ‘Hybrid’ eBTC Gains 300 Percent on Investor Hype

A new altcoin calling itself “the new ERC20 Bitcoin,” eBTC, has increased in value 335 percent since it launched Monday. The curious concept, which is attempting to become “a tokenized version of Bitcoin on the Ethereum Blockchain,” completed an airdrop to Ethereum (ETH) holders prior to its debut Oct. 1. “There is currently no widely […]

Bitcoin’s price is spiking higher by 7 percent right now

The price of bitcoin rose sharply on Monday with its price spiking up 7 percent Monday morning, according to Coindesk market data. The price of the cryptocurrency is up nearly 300 percent year to date. It was unclear what was behind Monday’s sudden move higher. Bitcoin is still under the $4,000 level, which it broke […]

Why Bitcoin Could Fall By 30 Percent

(Note: The author of this fundamental analysis is a financial writer and portfolio manager.) Bitcoin could fall by nearly 30 percent back toward $3,000 based on its technical chart. The digital currency with no physical paper or coins has the backing of no government, and has no outside physical force such as interest rates or […]

Japan’s Internet Giant Could Control Six Percent Of Bitcoin Mining, Plans Next-Generation Center

Japanese Internet giant GMO has announced it will launch a Bitcoin mining business to corner around six percent of the market by 2018. A disclosure which surfaced Thursday revealed plans to mine with 50,000 seven nm chips generating around 500 petahashes per second. The initial cost to set up the project is “will be more […]

Litecoin hits a record high and is up nearly 1,400 percent this year

Litecoin is benefiting from the broader interest in cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, bitcoin and ripple have all seen big price rises this year. On Tuesday morning, 36.9 percent of litecoin buying happened in Chinese yuan, followed by 22.4 percent in Korean won, according to Cryptocompare. Depending on the time of day, buying in Korean won is larger […]

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