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Salon website asks readers to mine cryptocurrency

A news website is asking permission from its readers to mine cryptocurrency with their computers, using a tool favoured by criminals.  US news website Salon.com is asking visitors who are using an advertisement blocking tool to use give up some of their unused computer power to harvest digital coins, in exchange for viewing articles on the site.  Cryptomining can slow users […]

Salon is using adblocking readers’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency

It seems popular online magazine Salon is the latest company to hop onto the cryptocurrency mining bandwagon. The publication has updated its website to require users to disable their ad-blockers for the right to read articles – or alternatively, lend their CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. Visitors are now prompted to either turn off ad-blockers altogether […]

PressCoin is a cryptocurrency for investigative journalists and their readers

A coalition of news organizations and journalists in various parts of the world have banded together to create a cryptocurrency to sustain funding for investigative journalism. Called PressCoin, the digital currency was made to get rid of the advertising revenue model, decentralize funding sources, and upend corporate media monopolies with collaborative content made to strengthen […]

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