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Creators Are Excited About Rize, YouNow’s New Cryptocurrency-Based Live Streaming App (And They Say Their Fans Should Be, Too)

YouNow was far ahead of the curve with its foray into the buzzy livestreaming medium – as well as the development of unique monetization opportunities for broadcasters – all the way back in 2011. Today the New York-based company counts upwards of 40 million registered users who conduct roughly 60,000 financial transactions every day using virtual gifts called Bars. That […]

YouNow To Launch New Cryptocurrency-Based App ‘Rize’, Plans Transition To B Corp

YouNow is set to soon debut a new standalone livestreaming app called Rize, which was founded upon Ethereum — a software platform that enables developers to build their own cryptocurrencies, and which serves as a chief rival to the first major decentralized digital currency Bitcoin. The new currency that will serve as the basis for YouNow’s Rize […]

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