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Cryptocurrency mining in Iceland is using so much energy, the electricity may run out

Iceland’s Svartsengi power plant. (HS Orka) The value of bitcoin may have stumbled in recent months, but in Iceland it has known only one direction so far: upward. The stunning success of cryptocurrencies around the globe has had a more unexpected repercussion on the island of 340,000 people: It could soon result in an energy shortage in the […]

Next Bitcoin Bull Run to Occur in 2 Weeks: Pantera

As bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, continues to rebound from its lows reached last week, one hedge fund manager expects a major price surge right around the corner.    “We’re certainly aware that it’s a very speculative market,” said Morehead. “Its volatile on the upside, but it can be volatile on the downside.”  71-Day Countdown The […]

Bitcoin price prediction: Cryptocurrency bull run imminent with bitcoin to hit $50,000 | World | News

Despite a shaky few months with hundreds of billions wiped off the total cryptocurrency market earlier this week experts are predicting a rebound with the market to bounce back with interest.  Experts warned the total value could break the trillion-dollar mark before the year is out.  Thomas Glucksmann of cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin predicted a “rebound” […]

Crypto Experts Predict 2018 Bull Run: Bitcoin To $50k,… | News

Following a volatile few days in the crypto markets this week, with Bitcoin (BTC) dipping below $7000 for the first time since November, several crypto experts have predicted an overall bull run. Experts told CNBC today, Feb. 7, that the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies could reach $1 trillion and that BTC itself could […]

Goldman Sachs predicts bitcoin can run past $7,900

Goldman Sachs expects bitcoin will hit new records, despite a roughly $600 drop in the digital currency from all-time highs. “The market has shown evidence of an impulsive rally since breaking above 6,044,” Sheba Jafari, vice president on the bank’s FICC Market Strats team, said in a Sunday note. “Next in focus [$]7,941. Might consolidate […]

“In the Long Run, the Price of Bitcoin Will Collapse”

In Brief Economist Kenneth Rogoff argues in a newly published opinion piece that bitcoin’s growth will not last forever, claiming the cryptocurrency’s value will fall under government pressure. However, he neglects to set any sort of timeframe for his prediction. Futures Market This summer, the total value of the bitcoin market reached $160 […]

Ethereum May Very Well Leave Bitcoin Eating Its Dust Over the Long Run — The Motley Fool

Since the year began, there’s been no hotter investment than cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are the one-two punch in terms of largest market cap among digital currencies, have returned about 300% and 3,200%, respectively, just since the year began. By comparison, it’s taken the S&P 500 decades to return what Ethereum has for its […]

Bitcoin continues record price run as Ethereum nears $400 

But what next? A Goldman Sachs investment banker predicted the price of bitcoin would continue to rise in a recent note to clients. “Whether or not you believe in the merit of investing in cryptocurrencies (you know who you are), real dollars are at work here and warrant watching,” the report said. However, Sheba Jafari, […]

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