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Russia Unveils Details of Cryptocurrency Bill Expected in February

Regulation Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister announced that the cryptocurrency bill is expected to be ready by February 1. He then unveiled some details of the bill, including taxation and registration of crypto miners, trading restrictions for bitcoin, and initial coin offering (ICOs) regulations. Also read: Bitcoin-Based Ethereum Rival RSK Set to Launch Next […]

40 Companies From China and EU Have Applied to Mine Bitcoin in Russia

Mining Companies from China and the European Union have applied to start mining operations in Russia. The country already has “hundreds” of cryptocurrency mining factories but still has free energy capacity for foreign companies to set up mining farms. Also read: Russia Promises Regulation Will Not Kill ICOs 40 Applications Received The […]

Russia is going all in on bitcoin — and everyone’s got a theory – VICE News

In 2016, the Russian government was convinced bitcoin was a danger to its economy and a threat to its national security, so much so that politicians introduced legislation that, if passed, would spell jail time for anyone found using the technology. The offense carried a 7-year jail sentence.   One year later, Russia has established […]

Russia Picks Pilot City to Launch Two Cryptocurrency Agencies

Featured A city in Russia has been selected as a pilot city to launch two cryptocurrency agencies, following mandates by president Vladimir Putin. Seminars will be offered where participants can receive certificates allowing them to engage in crypto professions as well as learn to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Also read: Japan’s Financial […]

Russia Designing National Cryptocurrency Depository

News business and finance Russia’s National Settlement Depository is working on a platform that would store digital assets. Russia’s National Settlement Depository (NSD) is designing a digital vault for cryptocurrency called the Decentralized Digital Depository (D3), where institutional and potentially other large-scale investors can store their digital assets, making the ownership of these tokens regulation-compliant. […]

Cryptocurrency Will Become Available for the Most Part of the Population of Russia

St. Petersburg Social Commercial Bank (SPSCB) and MyWish plan to start a joint project following the decision of the Central Bank concerning cryptocurrency regulation. The project will open new opportunities for managing crypto assets in various real situations. The development and popularization of the blockchain industry create a demand for the development of services for […]

Russia Unveils CryptoRuble, Bitcoin Hits $6K Mark, And More

Have you ever wondered what makes Bitcoin, a popular and cool currency among today’s youth? While it seems like volatility keeps the craze up, being decentralised and unregulated currency, cryptocurrency like Bitcoins at casinos are fun to use, skipping certain barriers that regulated currencies might pose. This week, while Jamie Dimon continues to trash Bitcoin […]

Russia Intends to Dominate Finance and the Cryptocurrency World by Introducing New Technologies

Julio Gil-Pulgar · October 20, 2017 · 6:00 am Recognizing the importance of digital technologies in the financial world, President Vladimir Putin has ordered the issuance of a national cryptocurrency. Concurrently, Russian industry is intent on attaining supremacy in the cryptocurrency mining industry by introducing new computing technology. In effect, the Russian Miner Coin (RMC)… […]

Smart Regulation Could Make Russia Next Major Bitcoin Market

Smart Regulation Could Make Russia Next Major Bitcoin Market  CoinTelegraph Battle against Bitcoin: Russia launches own cryptocurrency dubbed the Cryptoruble  Express.co.uk Putin’s Russia Will Regulate Bitcoin with Control Over Supply & Mining  CryptoCoinsNews Kremlin considers crypto-ruble & use of blockchain in public service  RT Full coverage Article Source

Battle against Bitcoin: Russia launches own cryptocurrency dubbed the Cryptoruble | City & Business | Finance

The move will propel Russia into the digital currency market and pit it against rival Bitcoin. Officials said that once it is launched in a few weeks time, all other cryptocurrencies will be banned in the country. Russia’s Communications Minister Nikolay Nikiforov said the Government also plans to fully regulate the Cryptoruble. He told Russia […]

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