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Coinbase’s Custody service wants to store bitcoin for institutional investors

Safely investing in and storing digital currency isn’t exactly easy, especially if you’re a large institutional firm. So to help, Coinbase just announced that they’re launching a service called Coinbase Custody, which will securely hold digital assets for institutional investors. The service will only be available to funds willing to store $10 million or more […]

Parity considers fixes to Ethereum wallet debacle as some claim service was hacked

The debacle that saw hundreds of millions worth of Ethereum cryptocurrency left frozen in wallets provided by Parity continues, juiced by a new accusation that the alleged accident may have been the result of hacking. Parity wallets were frozen last week after it was alleged that a security vulnerability was “accidentally” triggered, causing a library […]

North Korean Hackers Attack Cryptocurrency Users And Service Providers

The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) has claimed that cybercriminals based in North Korea have intensified their malware attacks against digital currency users and service providers in South Korea. The agency further said that the hackers have also targeted digital currency companies in the country. Based on its latest report as of mid-November 2017, […]

Around Cryptocurrency Service Allows Bitcoin Users to Send and Receive Bitcoin Without a Wallet

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Nov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Around Corporation (Pty) Ltd, a South African company located in Cape Town, has launched their Around Cryptocurrency Wallet Services, one of the tools that allow Bitcoin users to send and receive cryptocurrency without a wallet by direct Bitcoin address to address transfer. This eliminates concerns about wallet hacking and users […]

Secret Service Agent Who Stole Silk Road Bitcoins Sentenced to Two More Years for Stealing Even More

Photo: AP Shaun Bridges, the 35-year-old Secret Service agent from Baltimore who was sentenced to 71 months in prison in 2016 for stealing over $800,000 in Bitcoin during a government investigation into notorious deep-web market Silk Road, has been sentenced to an additional two years in jail for money-laundering charges, Reuters reported. Per Ars Technica, […]

Ethereum Name Service Starts Offering .ETH Domain Names

A crypto-based domain name auction service launched earlier this year is finally gaining traction and attracting some big investors willing to pay top dollar for domain names. The Ethereum Name Service was launched on May 4, 2017; it featured an automatic registrar service enabling people to quickly and cheaply register a domain name ending in […]

Speculators Jump On New Gold Rush Called Ethereum Name Service

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) launched on mainnet on May 4, 2017. At launch, ENS featured an automated registrar process allowing anyone to easily and cheaply register names ending in “.eth” using an auction process. The auction system enabled anyone to purchase a .eth addresses of at least seven characters in length. Since its launch over […]

Distributed Denial of Service Attack Greets Forked Bitcoin Gold on First Day

Featured Only hours into its first day live, Bitcoin Gold’s Twitter account announced it had been hit with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), forcing its website down for nearly four hours. Also read: Major DDoS Attacks Hit Bitcoin.com Bitcoin Gold Site Suffers 10 Million Hits Per Minute Bitcoin block height 491,407 […]

Bitcoin Service Providers Continue to Reveal Plans for Bitcoin Gold

News This week bitcoin proponents have been talking about the bitcoin gold fork scheduled for October 25. With just a few days away, bitcoin exchanges and service providers have been detailing their contingency plans on how to best deal with the upcoming distribution of split tokens. Also Read: Bitcoin Cash Community Preps Hard […]

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