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Blocklancer Blockchain Startup Starts Paying Salaries In Ethereum – Latest News | Ethereum

Blockchain startup by the name of Blocklancer has stated that it would pay part of the salary of its employees in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The reason for this is that Ethereum would actually attract a lot of talent since people are attempting to convert the normal money into cryptocurrencies. If they are able to directly […]

EPEX European Power Exchange Partners With Blockchain Startup – Latest News | Ethereum

LO3 which is a blockchain startup recently announced a partnership with European Power Exchange (EPEX). EPEX is in the business of linking the different microgrids in order to enable the wholesale exchange of power. Both the companies recently signed a memorandum of understanding which would enable them to create a blockchain-based platform in order to […]

UK Startup Nivaura Unveils World First Regulated Ethereum Bond

Wednesday marks the release of the first Ethereum-denominated bond in a move that could make current centralized processes obsolete. Together with JPMorgan, Moody’s and more, Blockchain startup Nivaura created the bond for UK-based luxury goods dealer LuxDeco, which will issue it. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) contributed regulatory oversight to the bond’s development process. […]

Cryptocurrency-based startup Confido vanishes after raising over Rs 2.4 crore

Confido, an Ethereum-based startup has disappeared from the internet after raising funds of over Rs 2.4 crore for its cryptocurrency. The little-known company had raised the amount from investors after offering its CFD tokens during a three-day initial coin offering held earlier in the month.  But according to a report in Cryptocoins News, all social media profiles […]

Blockchain Music Startup VOISE is Now a Member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance – The Merkle

The Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) has recently welcomed its’ latest member in the form of blockchain-based music platform VOISE. The group is the largest open source blockchain alliance in the world and will give Voise direct access to a network including some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies as well as to insight from top […]

Cryptocurrency Startup Claims Hackers Stole $30.95 Million

In an official statement posted on its website yesterday, Tether, a startup that offers 1-to-1 dollar-backed digital tokens [USDT], said a hacker stole funds worth $30,950,010. Tether claims the hack took place on Sunday, November 19, and the hacker removed funds from the main Tether Treasury wallet and moved it to the 16tg2RJuEPtZooy18Wxn2me2RhUdC94N7r address. “As […]

Ethereum Startup ConsenSys Opens New London Office

Ethereum development startup ConsenSys is expanding to London. The firm’s new “European Hub” will be based in the U.K. capital, the startup announced earlier this week. It’s the latest office launch for the company, which is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. That ConsenSys would look to acquire new office space is perhaps unsurprising, given a […]

An Ethereum Startup Just Vanished After People Invested $374K

A startup on the Ethereum platform vanished from the internet on Sunday after raising $374,000 USD from investors in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraiser. Confido is a startup that pitched itself as a blockchain-based app for making payments and tracking shipments. It sold digital tokens to investors over the Ethereum blockchain in an ICO […]

Cryptocurrency startup Confido pulls exit scam after raising $375K in ICO

It seems yet another fledgling cryptocurrency startup has pulled a Houdini. Distressed traders are flocking to Reddit to warn fellow cryptoenthusiasts that up-and-coming startup Confido, which recently raised $374,477 in an ICO, has vanished out of thin air. The company, which promised to bring a new decentralized trustless payment solution for online shopping, has suddenly […]

Cryptocurrency Startup Virtue Poker Adds Phil Ivey to Its Roster of Pros

In a new advisory role for Virtue Poker, Phil Ivey could help shape the future of online poker. Phil Ivey has been drafted in to advise the team behind new cryptocurrency poker site, Virtue Poker. (Image: Twitter/@philivey) On Thursday, the new online poker startup announced that Ivey would be joining Brian Rast and Dan Coleman […]

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