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Top Bitcoin cryptocurrency payment state is Alaska, says Overstock

The states driving most of Overstock’s purchases via cryptocurrency aren’t your typical tech havens. The top five states for cryptocurrency purchases are Alaska, Delaware, Oregon, Wyoming and Hawaii have , the company told CNBC. Overstock got this statistic by looking at the percentage of overall revenue from each state that came from cryptocurrency purchases. (Absolute […]

The SEC’s Top Accountant Wants Auditors to Study Cryptocurrency

The U.S Securities and Exchanges top accountant has a message: private practitioners need to hone their cryptocurrency skills. That recommendation of sorts featured in a speech today by Wesley Bricker, who serveas a chief accountant for the U.S. securities regulator. Bricker revealed that his office is investigating “cryptocurrencies, coins, tokens and so forth”, as well […]

Top Six Most Ridiculous Altcoins

While Bitcoin may be the granddaddy of digital coins, it has spawned hundreds of alternatives. Some of them are getting close to contesting Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, and some have real world application and tweaks, like Ripple, Litecoin, and Dash. However, the ICO boom has spread to the ridiculous and the absurd, birthing a host […]

Bitcoin smashes through US$6k mark, Business News & Top Stories

NEW YORK • Bitcoin surged to a record high of more than US$6,000 (S$8,167) over the weekend as investors continued to bet on an asset that some banks and policymakers have repeatedly warned is a “fraud” and a “bubble”. The original virtual currency has gained over 500 per cent this year, more than any other […]

Cryptocurrency hedge funds top 100 for first time | Business

LONDON: Hedge funds that trade cryptocurrencies reached over 100 for the first time, according to new data from fintech research house Autonomous NEXT. More than three-quarters of the hedge funds had launched in 2017. A rise from 55 funds on August 29 to 110 funds on October 18 comes as investors pile into the high-performing […]

Hedge fund betting on bitcoin spread unfazed by record price, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories

LONDON (Bloomberg) – Bitcoin-focused hedge fund BitSpread isn’t interested in the price of the cryptocurrency, even as it soared close to the US$6,000 mark this week. Instead, the firm is looking at something else: the price disparity between the exchanges that sell bitcoin. “We’re not interested in the price of bitcoin – high or low,” […]

The HOLD 10 Index is a passively managed fund of the top 10 cryptocurrencies

This year the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has grown from about $13 billion to well over $150 billion, fueled by infusions of capital from all different types of investors. But irregardless of this extreme growth, it’s still very complicated for most people to invest in cryptocurrency. So one startup is launching a private index fund […]

Cryptocurrency Adoption Will Lead to Free Money Transfers, According to Top Tech Investor

Fidelity Investments is a multi-billion dollar brokerage  that just so happens to be mining cryptocurrency. In fact, it has been at it for three years, using its own computers to harvest bitcoin and Ethereum. // — Discuss and ask questions in our community on Workplace. Don’t have an account? Send Jonas Borchgrevink an email — […]

Two Hurdles? Bitcoin Price Faces Resistance In Bid to Top $4,500

Bitcoin bulls can breathe a sigh of relief. Having defended the 50-day moving average support, the price of bitcoin rose to a four-day high of $4,407 today. Week-over-week, the bitcoin-U.S. dollar (BTC/USD) exchange rate is now up 5.84 percent. Brushing aside uncertainty surrounding a possible upcoming fork, bitcoin is looking northward ahead of the weekend […]

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