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Bitcoin latest: Nigeria Central Bank warns cryptocurrency is a ‘gamble’

The central-bank governor of Nigeria, where bitcoin trading grew the most in Africa last year, said investing in the cryptocurrency is a “gamble” and hinted it may have to be regulated. “Cryptocurrency or bitcoin is like a gamble, and there is a need for everybody to be very careful,” Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Godwin Emefiele said […]

Bitcoin won’t last in world of finance, warns Nobel-winning economist | Business

Davos speakers round on cryptocurrency as Robert Shiller calls it a clever idea with an impermanent future Bitcoin medals made at a Tokyo factory in Japan. Photograph: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images The Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Shiller has said bitcoin will not be a “permanent feature” of the financial world, as politicians indicated that a clampdown […]

Amid Bitcoin Frenzy, SEC Warns Against Risky Cryptocurrency Products : NPR

The Securities and Exchange Commission is warning investors about the potential for volatility and fraud in new cryptocurrency products. Andrew Harnik/AP hide caption toggle caption Andrew Harnik/AP The Securities and Exchange Commission is warning investors about the potential for volatility and fraud in new cryptocurrency products. Andrew Harnik/AP If you’re tempted to join the cryptocurrency […]

Bitcoin price WARNING: Crypto WILL be regulated warns JPMorgan chief | City & Business | Finance

Bitcoin has started to recover following its huge fall, but Jacob Frenkel, an economist for JPMorgan has insisted the cryptocurrency needs to be regulated.  Fears that cryptocurrencies face regulation may cause its prices to plummet and Bitcoin, Ripple and ethereum could all face checks from authorities.  Mr Frenkel has said that Bitcoin, in particular, needs […]

Bitcoin price: Is bitcoin a bubble? Goldman Sachs warns investors | City & Business | Finance

Bitcoin detractors were served a fresh round of ammunition after Goldman Sachs confirmed all concerns about the instability of the virtual token. Goldman Sachs’ analysts have compared bitcoin’s growth to the disastrous 17th century tulip mania, saying the situation has now moved beyond “bubble levels”. The investment group pulled no punches insisting it does not […]

UBS Chairman Warns Retail Investors Off Cryptocurrency

January 23, 2018 11:39 PM Union Bank of Switzerland has a client network extending across 50 countries and is a global banking infrastructure provider; but its chairman, Axel Weber, doesn’t think retail investors have the “knowledge” to “sensibly” invest. Institutional investors, however? He’ll work with them. The World Economic Forum in Davos began today, January […]

Bitcoin price WARNING: Crackdown on crypto is COMING warns economist | City & Business | Finance

Bitcoin has taken a hit over the past couple of weeks along with Ripple and etherum.  Fears over government crackdowns on cryptocurrencies have caused the price of Bitcoin to fluctuate. Economist Joseph Stiglitz warned that Bitcoin “must” be regulated to stop money laundering.  He said: “We have a good medium of exchange, called the dollar, […]

Goldman Sachs Warns Investors of Bitcoin ‘Bubble’ in New Report

Goldman Sachs has claimed that bitcoin is a bubble bigger than the dot-com era and the famous Dutch tulip mania. In a research letter to investors, the banking firm’s analysts warned about the increase in cryptocurrency values, highlighting the price moves in bitcoin and ether, as well as the stock price increases for companies which […]

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