Telex AI: How the Chatbot Will Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Industry

The much-awaited chatbot startup –TeleX AI is finally here. This is a chatbot powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is designed to provide cryptocurrency related services using an instant messaging application. This chatbot is distinct because it provides cryptocurrency wallet and exchange services from within the Telegram chat application.

The Telex AI Telegram chatbot allows users to easily store, send and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, they can also sell or buy any of the supported cryptocurrencies by just sending a message. With added flexibility and ease of use, the platform is on the verge of changing not only the way people invest in cryptocurrencies but the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem itself.

The Importance of Telex AI

It will save cryptocurrency users, a lot of time by eliminating the need to go through the lengthy registration processes. The interesting thing about this chatbot is the absence of a need to install any application, just open a…

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