The SEC’s Top Accountant Wants Auditors to Study Cryptocurrency

The U.S Securities and Exchanges top accountant has a message: private practitioners need to hone their cryptocurrency skills.

That recommendation of sorts featured in a speech today by Wesley Bricker, who serveas a chief accountant for the U.S. securities regulator. Bricker revealed that his office is investigating “cryptocurrencies, coins, tokens and so forth”, as well as the ways in which they are exchanged and traded.

Indeed, he noted that his team is “journeying with a compass” by researching applications of the tech through the lens of the SEC’s accounting and auditing requirements. And according to Bricker, those accountants in the private sector need to do the same.

He was quoted as saying:

“I suggest that it is warranted for the accounting profession to also invest time in understanding these areas. I have not heard particularly good rationales for turning off – or never turning on – the profession’s lamps at this time.”

Bricker’s comments come…

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