We Still Don’t Have Any Rules Concerning Cryptocurrency Inheritance

In Brief

What happens to your cryptocurrency if you pass away? Five years after his son’s unexpected death, one father is still trying to untangle the complicated issue of cryptocurrency inheritance.

Issues With Inheritance

In 2013, 26-year-old bitcoin miner Matthew Moody died in a plane crash in Chico, California. Today, his father Michael is still trying to unravel the complicated issue of cryptocurrency inheritance.

While Michael Moody knew his son mined bitcoin, he didn’t know how much Matthew mined, how to find the mined crypto, or what might have happened to it after his death. Two years after the crash, he started to investigate, and as he told Bloomberg, he still has more questions than answers.

“My son was actually one of the earliest people to mine it. He used his computer at home to mine bitcoins when you actually could do it that way, and he had a few, we think,” Moody, a retired software engineer, told Bloomberg.

When Matthew died in…

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