What Is Ethereum Fog? – The Merkle

‘Tis the season for cryptocurrency hard forks, by the look of things. So many new versions of Bitcoin have popped up recently, we almost need a calendar to keep track of things. It seems the same is happening with Ethereum, with Ethereum Fog being the most recent fork to gain any sort of traction. Although few people know it exists, its tokens have been issued to Ethereum holders on a few exchanges.

Ethereum Fog has Arrived

As is always the case with any major cryptocurrency hard fork, one would expect there to be a lot of hype on social media, Bitcointalk, et cetera. In the case of Ethereum Fog, things are a lot quieter, and it wasn’t all that easy to come by any relevant information about this project. That is somewhat surprising, considering that users of Binance and KuCoin received this “airdrop” yesterday. It seems a lot of people are unaware of all the forks taking place right now.

Ethereum Fog seems to focus on becoming a decentralized computer…

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