White Supremacists and Social Justice Activists Start Paying Attention to Ethereum Technology – The Merkle

Giving everyone in the world access to Ethereum as a way to issue new tokens is a decision that may backfire at times. More specifically, this technology has been getting a lot of attention from Neo-Nazis. White supremacists have created their own Ethereum-based digital tokens over the past few months. The Daily Stormer, one of the online bastions of Neo-Nazism, didn’t take too kindly to some recent comments of Ethereum pioneer Vinay Gupta.

Neo-Nazis and Ethereum Don’t Mix Well

Making innovative technology accessible to the whole world is a dangerous venture, as there will always be people who make use of this technology for the wrong reasons. In the case of white supremacists, they have created tokens on top of the Ethereum blockchain as a way to fund their operations. While the majority of activity still takes place with Bitcoin, the rise in the popularity of ERC20 tokens should not be underestimated whatsoever. Not everyone thinks these individuals should be…

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