Youtube Competitor, Viuly, Airdrops Over 900 000 Tokens Ethereum Holders, Announces Mainnet Launch – The Merkle

Projected at over $70 billion by 2021, the online video streaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries, propelled by advances in internet service delivery and image processing. However, only a small fraction of this wealth ever makes it back to their sources, the content creators.

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By 2020 more than 80% of internet traffic will be visual content. From ads to video diaries and live streams, visual contents will shape communities and communications on the internet. Currently, however, content creators only receive 50 – 60% of the revenue their creation generates and have no control over its usage. Most of these contents end up as intrusive ads for the end-user who often have no other choice than to put up with it.

However, what if there was a decentralized platform that truly gives users control over what they choose to see and rewards them for it? What if the platform provides them with contents they really are…

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